typography SEMINAR


8 – 9 APRIL

KIRJAK Typography Seminar — Friday, 8 April at 9:00–17:30 
National Library of Estonia (2 Tõnismägi, Tallinn)

10:00 Mart Varik EST — Villu Toots 100 — Life and work of a grand Estonian calligrapher
10:45 Laura Klimaite LIT — Critical, analytical and creative design thinking
11:50 Hanna Hakala FIN — About cyrillics
12:30 Asko Künnap, Johan Kallas EST — Teaching handwriting in primary schools

14:15 Lauri Toikka FIN — Schick Toikka — Independent type foundry as a practice
14:55 Stefan Hattenbach SWE — Sweden Sans — branding a nation. How Sweden got its own typeface as part of the Identity
16:00 Gatis Vanags LAT — National romanticism in latvian typeface design in the first half of the 20th century
16:45 Natalia Toropitsyna RUS — Why A does not equal A, or comparative qualities of men and machines. Differences of calligraphy and typographic lettering

KIRJAK Calligraphy Masterclass — Saturday, 9 April at 10:0017:00 
Tallinn Art School (Kevade 4)

Natalia Toropitsyna RUS — Blackletter calligraphy using a wide brush