typography SEMINAR


10 – 12 APRIL

KIRJAK Typography Seminar — Friday, 10 April at 10:00–18:15 
National Library of Estonia (2 Tõnismägi, Tallinn)

10:30 Meelis Mikker EST — Packaging Rebranding. Selecting right type for commercial projects
11:15 Tom Mrazauskas LIT — On Responsibility. How small type details make sense in book design
12:20 Arina Stonescu SWE — Typography teaching in Sweden. Educating producers and future clients
13:00 Modris Tenisons LAT — The Baltic Alphabet: its Grammar and Application in 1st Order Ornamental Belts

15:00 Tomi Haaparanta FIN — Typography as a basis for graphic design
15:45 Göran Söderström SWE — Creating custom typefaces for clients
16:50 Lewis McGuffie EST/GB — Letters are things, not pictures of things
17:30 Igor Mustaev RUS — Chalkboard magic

KIRJAK Calligraphy Masterclass
Saturday, 11 April at 11:0016:00
Sunday, 12 April at 10:0015:00 Tallinn Art School (Kevade 4)

Igor Mustaev RUS — Chalkboard lettering techniques