Kaidi Urmet EST

On April 11, 2019, the contest The best designed Baltic books of 2018 was held in Tallinn. The contest attracted 56 entries, of which 25 were the best designed books from Estonia, 11 from Latvia, and 20 from Lithuania. The books were evaluated by representatives of each country: Estonia was represented by Kadi Kiipus, graphic designer and book binding artist, Latvia by Anta Pence, artist, and Lithuania by Jokubas Jacovskis, graphic designer. For the sake of impartiality, the representatives of Estonia and Latvia select the best desinged book from Lithuania, the representatives of Latvia and Lithuania select the best designed book from Latvia, and the representatives from Estonia and Lithuania select the best designed book from Latvia.

The best designed Baltic books of 2018

ESTONIA: EKA UUS MAJA (designed by Stuudio Stuudio, published by EKA Kirjastus and printed by Tallinn Book Printers). Comment of the Jury: fresh design, interesting typeface, good structure.

LATVIA: KALEVIPOEG (designed by Armands Zelčs, published by Neptuns and printed by Jelgavas Tipogrāfija). Comment of the Jury: simple yet unique design, excellent use of material, high-quality colouring of the binding.

LITHUANIA: HOW THE FUTURE KING OF ENGLAND ATE PEACOCK IN VILNIUS (designed by Godspeed Branding, published by the Lithuanian Culture Institute and printed in Lithuania). Comment of the Jury: systematic approach, clear layout, a beautiful ensemble.

The contest of the best designed Baltic books was launched in the beginning of 2000. This years’ contest was hosted by the Estonian Publishers’ Association.

Kaidi Urmet is Managing Director of the  Estonian Publishers Association