Typografy Seminar

Kirjak 2013

april 5

kirjak 2013

Friday, 5 April Typography Seminar
National Library of Estonia (2 Tõnismägi, Tallinn)

10:30 Harri Heikkilä FIN — UX of eReading
10:50 Harri Heikkilä FIN — Towards Heuristics for Tablet Publication Design
11:55 Göran Söderström SWE — A closer look at letters

13:50 Mart Anderson EST — Open Type Fonts, possibilities and causes
14:10 Kristjan Jagomägi EST — Nordic Symphony Orchestra and 15 years of typographic patriotism
14:45 Dmitri Makonnen EST/RUS — Specificity of the cyrillic alphabet.
Specific features of various characters, and compatible design techniques