Carolina Laudon SWE

In the land of legibility and identity

Carolina will talk about where legibility meets identity and how a typeface can unite them on the page. She will uncover some common misconceptions about typefaces and the myth of type design.

Carolina Laudon is an award-winning type designer and design lecturer. She works mainly with type design in her own studio, Laudon Design AB. Her work includes some well known cooperate typefaces in Sweden, e.g Systembolaget, White Architects, Länsförsäkringar, Rusta & Theater Unga Klara.

In Sweden she is known for being an endless lecturer at different schools and academies and between 2012–14 she spoke about typefaces, its history and design at Swedish Public Radio P1 TYPO and in 2017, Swedish Television send a show on her work as a type designer in the program: Sverige! In connection with her award of Sten A Olsson’s Foundation for Research and Culture’s Cultural Prize, her work was displayed at the Gothenburg Art Museum, the first exhibition of its kind in Sweden. Today she lectures at Berghs School of Communication at Stockholm.