Pekka Loiri FIN

Studied graphics and typography inter alia at Aukusti Tuhka Graphic Art School Helsinki. Has worked e.g. as Art Director in WSOY’s Book Studio. Runs his own graphic design studio, Studio Pekka Loiri since 1983. Long career as a teacher, inter alia at Aalto University Helsinki (previously The University of Art and Design Helsinki), and as the principal at the MG-School in Helsinki. Loiri has been lecturing and conducting graphic design, book design, poster design and typography workshops in dozens of design schools and seminars around the world.

Broken typography

Incorrect, broken letter fonts are like an alarm. They are warning or alluring, they shout or whisper when needed. They can be part of an illustration or stand just alone. Their purpose is to attract, to lure the reader, and to be noticed at first sight!