Minna Sakaria SWE

Minna Sakaria is a graphic designer and the founder of Stockholm-based Sakaria Studio. The studio works in the intersection between commercial and artistic design, addressing a wide clientele from cultural workers to small and large corporations. She teaches typography and visual research around Scandinavia, and has designed visual identities, typography, books, film graphics, exhibition designs and more, making her artistic style a prominent addition to the Swedish design scene.

The bad type

During her MA studies at the Royal College of Art in London, Minna Sakaria researched hyperbole taste judgements in typography – something that caused a counter reaction and nurtured a playful approach in her design work. Minna shares experiences of how “bad typography” can serve as sanctuary space for learning and growing as a designer, and her hands-on tricks for employing a playful approach to the sometimes austere practice of typography.