Oleksiy Chekal UKR

Calligraphic arabesques or travel letters from the Middle Ages to Futurism

Oleksiy tells about Latin and Cyrillic design projects made during his travels. He demonstrates the use of contemporary experimental calligraphy in book design.

Oleksiy Chekal is a Ukrainian designer, calligrapher and art historian. He is the artistic director of a graphic design studio PanicDesign (www.panic.com.ua). Now teaching as a visiting professor in Florence Academy of Russian Art (Florence, Italy) He has conducted numerous workshops on calligraphy and lettering in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Italy and Poland. He has held several personal calligraphic exhibitions in Europe (Florence, Palermo, Pratovecchio, Lublin etc). Specializes in complex tasks in the field of connecting design, calligraphy and art history within the framework of religious or scientific projects. He has been active in the field of church design, the development of historical, calligraphic and futuristic fonts and projects related to inscriptions in sacred art and temple interiors. Connects technological typography with handwritten font. His interests as an art historian focus on the early Christian art of Middle East and Europe. He studies history of typefaces and handwritten traditions.