Speakers 2018

Tõnu Soo. Graphic designer, typographer and illustrator, born. 1944. Estonian State Institute of the Arts, graduated in 1972 in graphics.
Gerrit Noordzij (1931) is a legendary Dutch thinker, typographer and bookbinding designer, whose works have influenced several generations of young calligraphers.
Teo Tuominen is a Finnish type designer and letterer. Teo has a background in graphic design and has a masters degree in type design
Carolina Laudon is an award-winning type designer and design lecturer. She works mainly with type design in her own studio, Laudon Design AB.
Oleksiy Chekal is a Ukrainian designer, calligrapher and art historian. He is the artistic director of a graphic design studio PanicDesign (www.panic.com.ua).
Sigutė Chlebinskaitė is a graphic artist, book designer, cultural educator. The driving force behind the creative studio The Land of Books, and art director of the Vilnius Academy of Arts Publishing House.
Nowadays, Swedish crime novels are commercial successes all over the world. In Sweden, the dominance of the crime genre on the book market is even more significant.
In this introduction to Latin type design, attendees will learn how to start a their first font in glyphs. First we will sketch and digitise a lowercase n, then proceed to draw a few letters more.